As a retail store, the image of your building plays an important part in the image of your business. Cleaning and hygiene standards have also never been more important in ensuring the safety of you, your staff and your customers. We clean for all types of retail environment from clothing stores and shopping centres, to pet shops and supermarkets. Our retail cleaning services will ensure that your premises are hygienic and inviting with the Welpol sparkle.

Impress Your Customers

There's no denying that keeping a retail store clean is a 24/7 job. You and your staff will be working hard to ensure that throughout the day, the premises are looking their best. Our retail cleaning service can help you achieve this goal, either by having cleaning staff on site throughout the day to maintain standards, or by sending in a cleaning team after closing every evening to blitz your building. As a retail store, your ultimate aim is to impress your customers and encourage repeat business and our service can help you do both.

The Importance of Safe Working

Not only are our cleaners thoroughly trained on COSHH and health and safety laws and regulations, they are also very careful and understand the importance of safety - especially in public environments. We will always ensure that rules are adhered to and that your customers and staff are kept safe. Correct safety signage and suitable materials are of the utmost importance to our service.

Whatever The Venue

Whether you're in charge of a small clothing boutique, a popular food store or a luxury car showroom, our retail cleaning services cater to all businesses and buildings. Our quotations are always bespoke to your premises - we take the time to understand your individual requirements and preferences, whilst taking into account and budgetary or time restrictions. We can definitely offer a service that suits you, whatever your situation.

Benefits of regular cleaning

What our clients say…

"We have been very happy with the standard of service we have received from Welpol. They are able to be flexible to our needs whenever asked and the staff provided have been of an exceptional standard, presentable and always happy to help, we have been very happy with the partnership.”
Grosvenor ApTec

“I am delighted with the service we have received from Welpol. Our offices are cleaned to a very high standard by professional and very competent cleaners. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other businesses”
North West Training LTD

“Cleaners are excellent! Would highly recommend”
Upton Golf Club

“We normally employ our own cleaning staff, but when our last cleaner left the business, we opted for external assistance. The team were very swift and professional in their handling of our needs and were highly pro-active to source our replacement. They offered a very flexible approach for our requirements and the hours needed and as such they came up with a superb candidate. Our current Cleaner Mark, really looks after the cleaning of our premises and represents ‘Welpol’ tremendously in all aspects”
Lehvoss UK

“Our site manager has been pleased with the service he has received so far. He has said that cabins and toilets are always squeaky clean when you have finished and that you have turned up in a timely manner and have not to his knowledge missed a visit. Thanks once again for the sterling service!!”
DandM Shopfitting Ltd

“We highly recommend Welpol Contract Cleaning. From first point of contact we were impressed with their professionalism.
Their cleaning staff are very experienced and efficient, they met our cleaning requirements from the outset. Great service”
Huntsmill Farm