Here at Welpol, every quotation we produce is entirely bespoke to the client’s requirements and the premises themselves. In some circumstances, our ‘task and finish‘ rate can be the most cost effective… but what is it?

‘Task & Finish’ rates offer a fixed cost

Rather than an hourly rate, our task and finish rate gives clients the stability of a fixed fee each month. This obviously helps with budgeting as a business and removes any potential ‘surprises’ when clients receive their cleaning invoice at the end of the month. ┬áNot only this, but task and finish always guarantees a level of service.

You’re paying for a result, not a set amount of time

When designing a task and finish quotation for a client, we will discuss in detail exactly how they want their venue to look after the cleaners have attended. Once we have established the desired result, we will plan the cleaning schedule and advise the client of a fixed monthly cost.

Because you’re paying for a result, rather than a set amount of time – you can rest assured that your venue will look exactly as you expect after each individual clean.

The hours required will vary, but your price remains the same

Our task and finish rate anticipates that not every clean will take the same length of time. For example, with a hospitality venue, we would fully expect Saturday and Sunday morning cleans to take longer than a Wednesday morning clean – due to the heavier footfall and venue usage.

However, this is all taken account in the initial quotation, and therefore even if you have a super busy week at your business and the premises need more man power to get the result delivered – the price doesn’t change.

Summary of the main benefits

A task and finish rate won’t suit every client, but for those it does, the benefits are extensive:

  • Fixed cost every month providing ease in financial forecasting
  • An agreed result as opposed to a number of hours – meaning there is no grey area with expectations
  • Our service (i.e. how long we’re on site and how many members of staff we allocate) will be flexible to accommodate busier and quieter periods
  • Task and finish eliminates concerns over timesheet tracking as staff will be on site as long as it takes to deliver the agreed result
  • We can even incorporate the cost of cleaning chemicals and equipment into the rate for a full ‘flat rate’ service


If you’d like to book in for a bespoke quotation for your venue and see if our task and finish rate would work for you, simply click call us in the top right hand corner and pop your postcode in to find your local Welpol office details.