So, you own or manage a restaurant/bar and you’re wondering if your waiting staff can manage the cleaning requirements themselves? The answer is a firm no! Food hygiene ratings have greater influence over a diner’s choice of venue than customer service, according to research by food safety management company Checkit.

It’s easy to understand why… if your restaurant is poorly rate for hygiene standards, it doesn’t build confidence around your menu. Equally, it’s not just the food preparation areas that guests are expecting to be spotless. Your dining area, welcome entrance and toilets also need to be gleaming. After all, if the main public facing areas aren’t clean – what conclusions would you draw about the kitchen!?

And this level of expectation is not limited to one kind of venue – pubs, bars, sandwich shops, takeaway joints – they all need to be sparkling clean to give consumers the confidence to drink or dine with them.

Here at Welpol Contract Cleaning, we have vast experience in cleaning hospitality venues. Restaurant cleaning in particular is a specialist job that requires properly trained cleaners and professional cleaning equipment.  Far from being an ‘easy task’, hospitality venues require hard graft along with an eye for detail.

With Welpol Contract Cleaning, your hospitality venue is guaranteed to impress your guests. We commit to the following 5 golden rules:

  • Every contract is different – what works in a pub, may not work in the bistro down the road! That’s why we offer a completely bespoke and tailored service
  • Your assigned cleaners will know what they are doing! We only hire experienced cleaners, and we ensure that everyone who comes on board with Welpol has rigorous training
  • You will have a dedicated account manager who will always be on hand to deal with any issues
  • We will provide high quality, commercial grade cleaning products that will ensure your premises are not only looking sparkling, but also smelling sensational
  • We will audit our own cleaning each month and present you with an audit report – in this report, we will highlight the improvements we can and intend to make

If you own or manage a hospitality venue and are debating how to tackle your cleaning requirements, click here to get in touch and let the experts takeover.