According to a recent study, the average desk contains 400 more times more germs than a toilet seat. This effectively means that you are more at risk of sickness due to dirty desks than you are from a public loo!
Aside from the obvious health benefits, there are other advantages to a clean desk such as increasing productivity and improving mental stability.  Studies have shown that a clean and organised workspace also encourages healthier food choices and reduces stress levels. With all this in mind, cleaning your desk is surely going to the top of your to-do list?
We’ve collated 10 top tips for how you can get your working environment clean and hygienic… and keep it that way!
  1. First things first – let’s declutter. What lives on top of your desk should only be items that you use on a daily basis. We’re all guilty of covering our workspaces with various personal items and paraphenalia – but this is just offering more objects for germs to live on! It also makes it harder to clean.  Treat your desk as prime real estate – whatever sits on it, should deserve to take up space!
  1. Next up, try to make use of any available storage. If you have a drawer in your desk, use the space to store any objects that you need close to hand but don’t use everyday. Equally, consider investing in a pencil pot or similar to store stationary in a neat but practical way.
  2. Have you ever heard of a computer or laptop stand? If not, we’re about to change your working life! Having your device raised to a proper ergonomic level will not only help with your posture, but will definitely allow for a cleaner desk surface space.
  3. Number 4 may seem simple, but so many of us fail to organise. If you’re familiar with the never ending, ever growing pile of papers on your desk, you know what we’re going to say. Put a proper filing system in place and avoid the piles of files. This system will both help your productivity, and ensure nothing is missed – but also help you to maintain a clean workspace.
  4. Go digital! If you haven’t quite managed to enter the 21st century when it comes to document storage yet, then now is the time. Resist the urge to print invoices or any other important documents, and instead store them in the cloud. However, it’s equally important to maintain the organisation of your digital documents and folders – otherwise you’re just switching the problem online!
  5. Adopt the 5 minute rule. 5 minutes before you leave the office, take the time to tidy up your workspace.  This includes filing any files, clearing your coffee cup, putting things back in their rightful place and maybe having a quick wipe down with some anti-bacterial spray.
  6. Get a bin by your desk. Having your own bin nearby will mean you’re more likely to get rid of unwanted items / rubbish straight away, as opposed to storing your junk on your desk until you find the energy to head to the nearest bin!
  7. Tidy your wires!  There is nothing more unsightly than an array of tangled wires and cables. Equally, if these wires are trailing, they can cause a serious health and safety risk. Invest in some cable ties, or for more permanant wires, install some trunking to hide the mess!
  8. The pen has ran out of ink… why is it still in your drawer? If you have any stationary that no longer functions, it’s time to throw it away!
  9. Take a photo and reduce your clutter. If you have documents on your desk that are purely for reference, take a photo of it with your smartphone and save it in a folder. When you need the information, you’re actually more likely to have your phone on you than the actual hard copy! So, this final tip is both practical and organised!
There we have it – 10 top tips for keeping a clean and organised desk! These actions – small but mighty – will make a big impact on the hygiene levels of your workspace.
If your work place would benefit from regular cleaning from a professional, click here to get in touch for your bespoke quote!