Whilst the current UK lockdown means that gyms and health clubs are unable to open, everyone is hopeful that it won’t be long until we’re allowed back in to pump some iron. In the meantime, gym owners are spending time and money ensuring that the spaces in which they operate are clean, hygienic and safe for their clients when they return. Here’s our top tips on how to keep your gym germ-free…

Workout Area

  • Common touch areas should always be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, but in the midst of a pandemic, this cleaning schedule should be increased. For workout areas, these are handles, railings, yoga/fitness mats, vending machines and equipment and machines. Ideally you should be cleaning these areas after each person has touched them.
  • Keep a supply of wet wipes or disinfectant spray and blue roll, so gym members can sanitize equipment before using them – encouraging your patrons to get behind in the hygiene rules will help!
  • Check corners for dust and cobwebs.
  • Vacuum your floors and carpets thoroughly at the end of each day.
  • Wipe your mirrors and internal glass clean. In normal times, it may suffice to do this at the end of each shift, but in Covid:19 times, it’s prudent to increase the frequency as people may touch the mirrors for balance, or breathe on them when getting too close.

Cleaning workout equipment

  • Thoroughly clean and disinfect the common touch areas, such as treadmills, weights, lifting platforms, etc. Once again, it’s a great idea to encourage your clients to disinfect items after they’ve used them.
  • Dust equipment surfaces – and don’t forget to check the drinks holders for paper towels etc… whilst most people clean up after themselves, it’s human to forget sometimes!
  • Check the bottom of surfaces for dirt residues.



Changing Rooms / Toilets

Bacteria and germs are prevalent in restrooms and lockers, because it gets wet and might stay damp at times. Airing out, cleaning, and disinfection are essential here. During the pandemic, many gyms chose to keep the changing rooms ‘out of action’ but they’re necessary for swimmers etc.

  • Thoroughly clean and disinfect common touch areas such as toilets, urinals, showers, sinks, towel racks and even doors and walls. Having professional cleaners every day is advisable – but you should also have staff regularly checking the state of the toilets and keeping on top of it.
  • Mop floors with disinfectants.
  • Keep your restroom supplies in check so gym members can easily sanitise themselves.
  • Dust the lockers and disinfect the handles – again, it is worth asking your clients to do this as well.


How a regular cleaning service can help

Even if you’re the most scrupulous gym owner when it comes to hygiene, all health clubs can benefit from a regular, professional cleaning service.


Here at Welpol, we clean for national and independent sports and leisure facilities throughout the UK, ensuring a consistently safe, hygienic and welcoming space for your members.


We understand that people expect leisure centre facilities to be expertly maintained, and with public concern over the transmission of germs at an all-time high thanks to the pandemic, there has never been a more important time to invest in professional cleaning services.


When your gym is permitted to reopen, we’re ready to help keep it safe, sanitised and sparkling!